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I - What is UpHill Simulate? 

Simulate is a software for clinical training and simulation for physicians, developed by UpHill company. It allows physicians to simulate their practice for a given clinical case and receive detailed feedback on their actions, according to evidence-based medicine.

II - When Simulate can be used?

Simulate is a tool for training and learning purposes.  It is often used on the following occasions:

  • Clinical practice:  It can be used as an exercise tool or for evaluation during a formation event or a workshop;

  • Clinical case discussions: The recreation of clinical cases is simple and allows physicians to discuss different paths taken and share their insights during a live session or online through the platform.

  • Clinical practice update: After each simulation, physicians receive detailed feedback regarding the best practices up to date and they can access the evidence that supports each action. 

Simulate is not meant to be used as direct support for clinical decisions.

 III - Who are the case creators? 

All clinical cases available in Simulate software were created by physicians and validated by a specialist. Any physician can request us to create a case of his interest.

IV - What is a course in Simulate? 

A course is a set of learning content and related clinical cases. Typically, a course is about one pathology and might contain one or more clinical cases.

V - Is Simulate only available for physicians? 

Yes. However, it is planned to have clinical cases dedicated to other healthcare professionals 😉

For other questions, you can contact our support team😊

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