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Set of one or more “Case-Reports” (see below) and formation resource(s) (i.e. PDF, videos, images) developed around a diagnosis and the respective learning goals.

Case-Report, Clinical Profile or Case:

Clinical tag, fictional and/or anonymized, containing clinical information (registries, objective exams, anamnesis, clinical background, exams, monitorizations, etc. and their respective results) that composes the basis to create a simulation with high fidelity rate.

Clinical Pathway: 

Sequence of actions of a healhtcare professional regarding diagnosis, staging, treatment or prognosis of a disease, according to the best scientific evidence known by the developing team.

Expected Action Plan:

List of actions supposed to be done during a simulation of a case by the healthcare professional,  based on the best scientific evidence available and bibliographical references that sustains it.


Compilation of actions made by the “End-User” (registries, requisites, prescriptions, etc.) when confronted with the information from the “Case-Report”.

Feedback or Results: 

List of recommendations presented to the “End-User”, generated from the results of his “Simulation” in comparison with the “Expected Action Plan”.

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