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I - What are UpHill Clinical Pathways (UCP)?

UpHill Clinical Pathways are digital and interactive representations of protocols or guidelines developed by UpHill that mimic the reasoning behind clinical decisions by breaking down the patient journey step by step. The pathways support the decisions taken by healthcare professionals based on the most relevant scientific evidence for each critical point and allow them to know what to do at each moment of the journey.

II - When should I use these pathways?

UCPs can be used in two major contexts:

  • Clinical appointments: the interactivity of the pathways allows HCPs to monitor the entire process during the patient's presence and have this support tool at the time of decision;

  • Scientific Update: UCPs allows you to review and compare your current clinical practice with recommendations that the latest scientific evidence proposes

III - What are the main differences between a "classic" diagram and an UpHill Clinical Pathway?

By using a more graphical representation of critical actions and decisions, UCPs allow healthcare professionals to achieve greater detail and personalization on the management of the patient's journey through their disease.

The digital and interactive format facilitates access to different layers of information, allowing the use of a pathway in a query context.

IV- Are they local protocols or guidelines?

UpHill provides its users with free guidelines for various pathologies that are accessible through its institution page.

However, we also work together with our clients in order to create UCPs that result from a balance between information based on the best guidelines and customization of the patient's journey in the institutions. This way, we guarantee that each decision is based on the best scientific evidence as well adapted to guarantee adequacy and respect for the circuits and resources of each healthcare institution.

The contents of each institution can be made available through the institution page within the UpHill platform.

V - Who creates the UpHill Clinical Pathways? How can I contribute?

UpHill uses a unique notation that captures and portrays the patient's journey in their most critical actions and decisions, and we ensure the renewal and updating of content.

However, we know that Science is a continuous process of learning, so if you identify any changes or corrections that should be made to our content, or if you want to join us in the development of content, you can explore the vacancies available here or enter in contact with our support.

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