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Route is a decision clinical support tool that increases the adoption of clinical pathways based on the best scientific evidence.

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Pathway Versions:

  • Stand Alone

  • Patient Journey

  • Patient Journey + Communication module (Hilly) between HCPs (Health Care Professionals) and Patient

Stand Alone Pathway

Stand-alone pathways are the simplest version of clinical pathways and can be used and consulted by healthcare professionals as a study tool, to clarify doubts, and know what they should do in certain critical clinical situations. Also, they can compare their current practices with the recommendations based on the best evidence possible.

Patient Journey Pathway

Patient Journey pathways allow the inclusion of patient data and the review of all decisions and actions that have been done during the path on the algorithm.

All the information is securely saved and can be accessed whenever needed, including during a patient's appointment.

The features of this version are:

  • Algorithms can be used during an appointment (unique path for each patient)

    • Include and save patient data

    • Step-by-step record of the patient's clinical journey

  • Patient Directory

    • Access to all patient journeys from all algorithms

    • The same patient can have multiple journeys saved in different algorithms

  • Integration of the Hospital's EHR with Route

  • Integration of Hilly

    • Asynchronous monitoring of patients

How to access UpHill's Clinical Pathways

UpHill's Clinical Pathways are available in two different formats:

  • Computer - Browser

  • Smartphone - available in APP (for Android and IOS) and Browser

Sign in on UpHill with your credentials.

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Access to the personal area

Click on the UpHill icon which is located in the upper left corner of the screen, and you will have access to:

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Navigate on UpHill's content

On the left sidebar, you can find the tools that allow you to search and browse UpHill's content:

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Clinical Pathways List

  • UpHill's clinical pathways are divided into clinical areas.

Medical Calculators

  • List of medical calculators available on UpHill

Train and Learn

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    Events and Courses

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