If you tried to pay your registration with a credit card but it has generated an error message, please check the table below to know why.

The error message is a code with four different numbers lined up as aa-bb-cc-dd.
The fourth number might not be present if your credit card doesn't possess 3DS safety.

Example: If you received a code like 75-00-61, it means that your bank does not allow your credit card to make payments of the amount asked in your registration.

If an error happens during the checkout of your registration, please try again with another credit card or contact our support service to find a workaround.

If there is no code in your error message:

This issue might be related to the bank of your card. Please try another card from another bank or contact our support team for assistance.

In any case, if you have left the checkout of your registration, please contact the organization of the event or our support team. 😉

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