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To register for an event, just click on the "Register" button.

The button can be found:

  • On the event's page


  • On the institution's page

Entering the registration page, you will have 8 minutes to register.

  1. Select your participant type

    The type of the participant is the category in which they are inserted and will influence the amount to be paid (for paid events)

  2. Complete any additional information or options requested by the organizer, if requested.

  3. By default, the "Record" bar is selected, representing the base event.

  4. Click "Continue"

  5. If you have no errors, you will be presented with a summary of the application

  6. Click "Register and Pay" or "Register" depending on whether the event is paid or free

  7. If the event is paid for: you can enter the discount coupon, change the billing details and select the payment method.

  8. Click "Confirm" At the end, you will be presented with the ticket for the event.

Event with several activities

Some events are more complex and may have multiple activities such as workshops, meals, etc.

During registration, you can choose additional activities.

These are displayed in individual bars with the name, date, and price.

They can be selected by clicking on the checkbox on the left.

Information about activities:

  • Click on the "More Information" link to see more information such as the activity's location, description and the available seats

  • The final price is automatically recalculated

  • Unable to enroll in activities that overlap in time

  • Activities can be organized into groups that limit the number of activities you can sign up for

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